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Counseling Services are offered to each program resident. A master’s level developmental counselor conducts individual sessions to address the need of each resident (development strategies) in order for them to perform to their potential at Crossroads. The counselor also helps facilitate the youth in creating goals for themselves while at Crossroads and plan for future goals after they leave. Each resident will also be assigned a personal counselor who conducts weekly sessions to discuss treatment issues, goals, behaviors, and to evaluate the youth’s progress. An individualized service plan will be developed for each resident to assess progress.

A master’s level certified drug and alcohol counselor will conduct assessments and provide weekly drug and alcohol awareness group sessions as well as individual sessions for those who meet the criteria.

A doctorate level counselor provides psychological testing as well as sexual abuse and sexual identity counseling for those youth in need. These services are available through contracted services and the sessions can take place at Crossroads.

Direct care staff will conduct daily “Crossroads Conference” sessions which are held in a formal group setting to discuss and resolve problems/ concerns that the resident may have encountered while at Crossroads. This is also an opportunity for the youth to clarify rules, policies, and expectations while at Crossroads. Direct care staff will also supervise a weekend “Reflections” group to address personal needs and concerns. Staff will encourage residents to participate in this open, free expression forum.

Family counseling sessions with a master’s level therapist will be offered for those youth who have been identified in their court order as in need of this service. Weekly sessions may be offered to facilitate family growth, communication, and unity.

Parenting classes for both the residents, when applicable, and for the parents of the residents will be available as requested by the youth’s referring agency. A master’s level therapist will also provide this.

An initial clinical interview will be conducted for each resident by a master’s level in-house consultant. Referrals made by the consultant for outpatient services, that may provide support for the youth that exceeds the expertise of Crossroads’ staff, will be transported to counseling accordingly. Whether it is individual or group, in-house or outpatient services, counseling will aid in emotional stability.



"Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that."
- Martin Luther King, Jr.
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