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The Crossroads Alternative Education / Private Academic Program was designed for students whose needs were not successfully being met in the traditional classroom setting. A positive learning experience encourages the student to achieve success and to develop the skills and personal attributes needed to become a productive member of society. Through the use of a safe and structured learning environment, where discipline in the classroom is the norm and individual attention can be afforded to each student, our goal is to instill the necessary self-esteem and self-discipline in our students to keep them in school and prepare them to return to the regular school setting.


Crossroads Alternative Education / Private Academic Program is housed in two separate facilities. These facilities are located at 1243 Roemer Blvd. and 1246 Roemer Blvd., both in Farrell, Pennsylvania. The program employs a Director of Alternative Education, an Assistant Director of Alt. Ed., two Deans of Students, a staff of full-time teachers and part-time counselors, as well as additional personnel to help provide supervision of the classrooms.

Crossroads Alternative Education / Private Academic Program currently accepts both male and female students ranging in grade level from 6th to 12th grade. The boys and girls are educated in different buildings. Crossroads feels that by educating the boys and girls at different locations we are able to provide a safer and more focused educational environment for our students.
Students are accepted for enrollment in Crossroads Alternative Education / Private Academic Program by recommendation of their home school district. This includes students who have exhibited to any marked degree any or all of the following conditions; disregard for school authority, including persistent violation of school policy and rules, display of or use of controlled substances on school property or during school-affiliated activities, violent or threatening behavior on school property or during school-related activities, possession of a weapon on school property, commission of a criminal act on school property, misconduct that would merit a suspension or expulsion under school policy, and habitual truancy.

Every student in the Alternative Education / Private Academic Program at Crossroads will be afforded the opportunity to demonstrate their readiness to return to the home school. This opportunity requires a sincere commitment on the part of the student to regular attendance and high expectations in behavior as well as academic achievement. Each student’s eligibility to return to their home school will be considered on an individual basis after being enrolled in Crossroads Alternative Education / Private Academic Program for 45 school days. The student will remain at Crossroads Alternative Education / Private Academic Program until the student’s home district agrees that the child is ready to return.



"Life must be lived and curiosity kept alive.
One must never, for whatever reason, turn his back on life.
- Eleanor Roosevelt
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